Saturday, September 19, 2009

I love sarcasm.

I don't know if you've ever heard of the Onion, but they write hilarious articles. I was at a bus stop a few days ago. I had just picked up my copy of this fantastic newspaper, and could hard contain myself after reading this article.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm going to study abroad. In Kenya. Field Study. Next fall. And I'm beyond stoked.

This is perfect.

“The things I miss the most are not the people I’ve met, places I’ve been, or things I’ve done, but rather the memories of specific moments that I was able to step back and appreciate what was around me. In the Maasai Mara it was seeing a leopard at sunset as we headed back to camp. In Nakuru it was when I dished out beans and corn to poor children at a school in the slums or played Frisbee with school children in Kimana. At KBC it was seeing Kilimanjaro everyday, covered in snow or clouds. All of these memories and more have made my experience in Kenya unforgettable and opened my eyes to a whole new way of life.”

Whenever I talk to a study abroad representative or am in an information session, I have to stop myself from screaming. And it takes everything.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Crazy antics of 2nd floor Gregory Tripp

I am blessed to have the liveliest floor in all of Lakeshore residence at UW-Madison : ) About a week ago, I met a bunch of sophomore guys studying different kinds of engineering or genetics. Mitch, Justin, Nate, and Billy are their names. At first, I thought that they were so obnoxious, but looking deeper, they are amazing guys that really know how to bring people together. Let me give you a few examples.

We were at a Primetime (campus crusade) party on Friday and they decided to make up a new game, "Have you met Billy?" If you've seen How I Met Your Mother, you'd recognize it. Of all these guys, Billy is probably the quietest, most reserved, and calmest. I wouldn't call him shy, just calm compared to the rest of them. How the game is played is that these guys will approach someone they don't know and ask, "Hey! Have you met Billy?" and then leave. Leave to let Billy deal with the awkwardness of how out of the ordinary that moment just was.

But you know what? Despite this game being ridiculous, it brings people together. Connections are made. People are excited to meet Billy once they get approached. Eventually, all the rest of them come back to meet the people they left Billy with.

They are also fans of swimming in the lake at least once a day. They're very persistent in getting anyone and everyone to go with them. It's crazy, especially when you're trying to get some homework done. But again, it brings people together. These guys will literally run the halls of Tripp and Adams halls in pursuit of open doors so that they can meet more people and get them to swim. They live right down the hall from me, so naturally, I've gone three times already. One time led to an ultimatum: me drawing mustaches on them in exchange for a swim.

I have been blown away by how these guys go nuts for meeting new people and making connections. Rock stars.