Monday, May 25, 2009


I have a good story.

There are a few of us in the Redeemer group who love tennis. We try to play whenever we can and now that Minnesota is finally getting warmer, we can actually make that happen. We played yesterday afternoon at a local park ... ahhh it was glorious. After a while, we noticed that we had an observer - six-year-old Jasmin. There were three of us with one extra racquet. Perfect? I think so. We invited her to play and she agreed right away.

Man, was she good! It was Jasmin's first time playing tennis and she was doing great! Without being told, she already has the cross court concept down. I was very impressed by her.

It seemed like the beginning of something great. This may be my own imagination and my tendency to dream big, but what if she makes it to Wimbledon? Seriously! The look on Jasmin's face as she hit the ball and the speed at which she was getting it? Maybe yesterday was a more momumental day than any of us thought. Even if she doesn't go pro, she already has the love of the game. So, maybe we'll just shoot for all-conference in high school :)

As we winded down, we decided to give her the extra racquet and a few balls so she could practice without us. I bent down to tell her that she could pick out 3 or 4 balls. "I can have four?" Her excitement was beyond words!

We hope to go to that park as many Sunday afternoons as we can in hopes of getting to play with Jasmin again.

Now moments like that are worth making.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The stuff my heart beats for

I love Wildlife. I LOVE exotic wildlife. I always have, but just recently started to believe that I can actually pursue work with wildlife. I'm realizing God's potential, and therefore my own. Who am I to think that I actually have to go at this alone? And who am I to not be great?

Needless to say, I'm excited for life. Scared. But excited.

Jas sent me a photo gallery of wildlife photos. Amazing. Check it out.

Nick Brandt Gallery